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Short Video Tutorials are the Best Solution for SharePoint Training for End Users

Instructional design teams at global businesses and other large organizations charged with creating end user training curricula for SharePoint 2010 should consider acquiring short video tutorials suitable for installation upon corporate Intranets within SharePoint sub sites.

Why Short Video Tutorials?
We have written frequently in this blog on the unique contributions that video tutorials for SharePoint make to increase the value of SharePoint 2010 as an enterprise computing workspace. To sum these contributions up in two broad statements, they boil down to:

  • On Demand Access and
  • In-Context Operation

We need not repeat the detail of these points here. But why, in particular, is it useful to keep the length of these videos short? Video tutorials intended for end users/readers and sub site owners should be short to maintain the attention span of the audience. End users, readers and sub site owners seldom have the commitment to SharePoint, as technology, as is the case for SharePoint Administrators, Site Collection Administrators, architects and developers. In sum, end users turn to instructional resources strictly on an as needed basis–generally when new operations need to be performed or remedied. There is no point in presenting this audience with abstract information. Their interest is strictly limited to mastering procedures that must be used for specific purposes. Therefore, video tutorials for SharePoint must be short and to the point.

We have compiled video tutorial curricula for end users/readers/sub site owners for SharePoint 2010 that entirely conforms to the guidelines we have just delineated. Our Sharepoint tutorials for end users leverage video communications to provide end users just the needed information in short presentations, none of which is any more than an approximate 2 minutes in length, each. Useful features including a highlighted cursor and text balloons populated with summary information about points made verbally by our instructor are included as appropriate.

We eschew the distraction of “bobbing heads” for knowledge transfer, choosing, instead, to confine our presentation entirely to the computer screen which, after all, is what end users and other basic users will use to review and manage work performed. We are pleased to say that our short and to-the-point video tutorials for SharePoint have been well received by our customers.

Please let us know if you would like us to elaborate on this description of our end user product. We welcome opportunities to expand upon our approach to end user tutorials for SharePoint. You may either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us. We will be happy to elaborate.

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