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SharePoint-Videos Will Offer a Class on Enterprise Social with Yammer in August, 2014

Anyone with more than a cursory familiarity with SharePoint Online, Office 365, will note the out-of-the-box features of the platform designed to support collaboration. If readers aren’t familiar with this emphasis, please take a moment to read a post to the Office blog authored by Jared Spataro titled Work Like a Network! Enterprise Social and the Future of Work. An important component of these features is Yammer, which is available as a cloud solution for collaboration and offers more features than the SharePoint 2013 Newsfeed service.

On August 21, 2014 SharePoint-Videos will host an online course on a related topic. Naomi MoneyPenny will lead a course titled Making Enterprise Social Real in your Organization with Yammer – Online Class. The opportunity presented by this course is especially timely, given Microsoft’s recent announcements about how Yammer’s “enterprise graph” is slated to evolve into one of the key components of Satya Nadella’s “ubiquitous computing” vision of the near term future of computing — Delve.

Our course may not touch on Delve, but attendees are sure to benefit from Naomi’s presentation of how a foundation should be built to support the kind of healthy appetite for the benefits of enterprise social computing required to produce a useful implementation of a powerful service like Delve. The main cornerstone of this foundation must be built through a combination of an accurate understanding of what an organization can reasonably expect healthy enterprise social activity to deliver in the form of benefits, together with a correct understanding of the organizational structure required to support the effort. Finally, our course will suggest some methods of measuring the performance of enterprise social computing efforts against a plan.

Given Microsoft’s emphasis on enterprise social, and its vision of how this service will provide Bing search with the required content to drive its expectation of very high value results from natural language queries, “Power Q&A”, etc. any organization with an interest should seriously consider attending this course.

Ira Michael Blonder

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