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SharePoint-Videos Releases a New Video Training DVD on Workflows for SharePoint 2010 and 2013

Workflows are not only a popular feature of SharePoint, but also a very promising method of capturing return on investment for stakeholders. Here are merely a couple of reasons why workflows possess this unique characteristic:

  1. Workflows can be put together by anyone capable of following a set of procedures. There is no need, whatsoever, for software programming (hence, the systems produced with workflows are often referred to as “no-code” solutions)
  2. Workflows permit a central IT organization to distribute the power of building systems to internal Line of Business (LoB) units. Once LoBs have an opportunity to participate in systems development for their own internal needs, then the likelihood of systems truly satisfying requirements goes up, substantially.

SharePoint-Videos.com offers a very rich set of video training content on Workflows, going all the way back to SharePoint Server 2007.

So our most recently published DVD set of specialized training content, fittingly, is once again focused on workflows. This time the title of the set is Cheap Thrills in SharePoint. The author of this collection of training content is Ira Fuchs, a SharePoint Technical Specialist working directly for Microsoft in the New York Metropolitan District.

The training content included in this set covers both SharePoint Server 2010 and 2013. Training content is specific to two types of implementations of systems development via worfklows: “Automating Document Creation Using a SharePoint Designer Workflow and Content Types” and “Creating a Great Scheduling and Resource Reservation System Using SharePoint Calendars”.

The first implementation will likely be of more interest to stakeholders. “Automating Document Creation” is, to my ear, synonymous with Enterprise Document Management/Enterprise Content Management (EDM/ECM), as least to the point where EDM/ECM are called on for document production. What will likely catch the attention of stakeholders is the combination of a comparatively low cost for the system presented by Ira Fuchs, and the native compatibility with the rest of a SharePoint computing environment, should this approach be implemented.

Ira Michael Blonder

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