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SharePoint-Videos and Critical Path Training to Present a Full Life Cycle SharePoint Training Solution on April 3, 2014

On April 4, 2014, between 3 and 4 pm, EST, Marshall Butler of Critical Path Training, and Asif Rehmani of SharePoint-Videos will present a new option for SharePoint stakeholders in need of a successful method to hasten user adoption of the computing platform. Anyone interested in learning further about this opportunity should visit Full Life-Cycle SharePoint Training on the SharePoint-Videos web site.

The content of this webinar is not to be confused with an online course. Rather, the content will be used to present an integrated training solution for people whose primary role is to work directly with SharePoint on behalf of communities of users. These people include SharePoint administrators, architects, developers, and even stakeholders. The solution includes what I’ve referred to earlier in this blog as an “immersive”, synchronous instructor-led technical training component for these people.

The solution also includes VisualSP, which can be used to expose context-sensitive training content to these same SharePoint users, or video tutorials on the technical procedures end users must use to successfully accomplish their work in SharePoint.

I would argue user adoption of a computing method like SharePoint on premises, or even SharePoint Online, is an unavoidable task stakeholders must successfully accomplish if they are to capture the benefits promised by implementing the method in the first place. Our Full Life-Cycle SharePoint Training solution amounts to a tool any group of stakeholders should consider before finalizing an adoption plan.

Perhaps no other combination of technical training components can promise the concentrated knowledge transfer represented by an in-person training course, followed with an in-context access method to video tutorials on technical topics. It is important not to forget the unique quality of video tutorials on technical procedures. Research has demonstrated this type of training content, especially when composed of computer techniques performed by another person, accompanied with a spoken audio track, is very likely to be assimilated by SharePoint users. So, I would argue, our Full Life-Cycle SharePoint Training solution represents the best value of any possible approach on these topics.

If you would like to learn further, first hand, about our solution, please contact us.

Ira Michael Blonder

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