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SharePoint Training Resources should be Useful for Either On Premise or Cloud Servers

We read with some interest an article posted to the IT World blog on June 19, 2012: Cloud failures cost more than $70 million since 2007, researchers estimate. While a cumulative cost of $70Mil over the noted time period may not seem high, some businesses do maintain a policy of hedging operational risk (meaning the type of risk represented by the cloud outages that are the subject of the article) with a fallback strategy. For these businesses we think that our SharePoint-Videos dot com set of video tutorial content ought to be a component of the hedge strategy against the risk of failure of cloud computing resources or, conversely, on premise servers.

Further, an optimum training solution should include subscriptions to our online repository of training information as well as the purchase of a number of our SharePoint training content on DVD media. With our content locally installed, the potential disruption that might arise from failure of cloud services (including our web site) will be properly mitigated. Conversely, should local, on premise serving fail, then utilizing a SharePoint Online resource like Office 365 will make sense in conjunction with access to our training content via our web sites.

In fact, where SharePoint has assumed the role of a mission critical application for an organization, it is entirely sensible to do the type of disaster planning that we have just described. Further, where user communities need to be self serving (as regards SharePoint support and development) than training is legitimate a feature of the computing environment that needs to be safeguarded to ensure fault tolerant performance of the self service system. The cost of provisioning redundant systems for training is small when compared to the cost of a failure of computing systems and the resulting explosion in requests for support from a community of users that, prior to systems failure, was functioning properly with very few dedicated IT support staff.

Once redundant systems have been implemented for training and for system operation an organization will be properly insulated from the damages of a catastrophic failure of computing systems. We think that businesses, wherever possible should operate in this manner. If you are considering a sensible combination of on premise and cloud SharePoint Server 2010 resources and would like to plan for the inclusion of video training content that makes sense for your specific SharePoint implementation, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please contact us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us to further a discussion about this offer. Of course we are happy to speak about your SharePoint development plans, as well.

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