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SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise Makes Charting from Excel Data Easier as well as More Widely Accessible

Microsoft Excel is generally a readily accessible computing tool for users across a wide range. Finance staff with little or no computer skills can use Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to accomplish accounting tasks. Marketing staff with similar levels of computing expertise can build contact lists within Excel Spreadsheets. Finally, IT staff can be utilized to build applications that afford users with lower level computing skills an opportunity to produce charts as well as presentation quality reports (complete with fonts, tabular effects and more) from Excel data.

With the Enterprise edition of SharePoint Server 2010 comes even greater utility for Excel data. This version of SharePoint includes a Chart Web Part which can be utilized to create web pages comprised of charts built from Excel spreadsheet data. This web part exploits Excel services for SharePoint Server 2010. In order to utilize the Chart Web Part the range of data to be charted needs to be named within the Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet needs to added to a SharePoint document library. Finally, a dedicated web page must be added to the SharePoint sub site for the charted data. All of these operations are possible for SharePoint users with design and/or collaborate permissions.

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Implementing the Chart Web Part can be a powerful method of stimulating and supporting collaboration objectives for a SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise edition project. In fact, once the web page is added to a SharePoint sub site, then users across the enterprise, depending upon viewing privileges, will have access to the same information, which provides a common foundation for document review.

With regard to design features for charts produced from Excel data with this web part, our video tutorial provides an overview of how to alter the appearance of information through the Advanced Properties feature of the web part.

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