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SharePoint in the Cloud Offers Ought to Include Video Technical Training to Ensure an Optimum SharePoint Experience for End Users

Rehmani Consulting, Inc offers a number of attractive video training packages for SharePoint 2010, with our SP101 – The Basics: SharePoint End User Training for Readers, Members & Subsite Owners at the top of the list. A version of this unique set of short, absolutely to-the-point video training courses is available for SharePoint in the Cloud hosting services. We can’t think of a much better feature to include within a SharePoint online offer than a set of video training courses for end users that presents nothing more than the computer procedures required for this set of important SharePoint users to successfully execute the daily tasks required of them within a SharePoint working environment.

For many cloud hosting providers customer renewals are a crucial component of success. In order to ensure a high level of renewals, best practices often dictate that customers be provided with an optimized cloud computing environment. After all, it is of no benefit to a cloud hosting business to support a subscription environment characterized by high rates of churn, where onboarding is an ongoing activity and, in turn, support demands are high. Rather, the objective is to deliver the type of attractive experience to as many customers as possible, so that the majority of staff activity can be restricted to “simply keeping the lights on” while customers self manage as they go about their daily work.

SharePoint in the cloud is still SharePoint and, therefore, it makes sense to consider this version of the application to be as complex and full featured as an on premise version. Attempting to exploit unfamilar features can produce frustration for users where training is not available, but, nevertheless, new procedures must be mastered. It should be kept in mind that successful efforts on the part of SharePoint users to expand the functional range of what they can accomplish with SharePoint with new skills will certainly enhance the importance of the application for daily computing needs. Asynchronous training content like video courses make up an offering that can go far to provide users with the techniques they require to successfully execute new procedures without the direct involvement of support staff. Therefore, including video training content is a feature that can also lead to a reduction in support demand and, in turn, lower operating costs for cloud hosting providers.

If SharePoint is an important and strategic offer for your cloud hosting business, you ought to contact us. We will be happy to elaborate on the above with some concrete suggestions that will benefit your business. You can either telephone us at +1 630-786-7026 or contact us via email with any questions you may have about our video training set for SharePoint in the Cloud, or any topic related to either training content for SharePoint or training methods for individuals and/or enterprises.

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