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Working with Master Pages with SharePoint Designer 2013 in SharePoint Online, Office 365, 2013

It makes sense to use out of the box and custom master pages for team sites in SharePoint Onlne, Office 365, 2013. SharePoint Designer 2013 is a useful tool to customize these pages. Design and split view have been removed from the latest version, so any work will have to be done in code view.

Just to recap some of the rather obvious benefits: master pages can be used to ensure the uniformity of branding across an organization’s team sites. Master pages can also be used to reduce the amount of time required to produce pages for team sites. Finally, changes to components of master pages, the chrome, will be immediately distributed to any other pages on team sites built on these pages.

In a video tutorial on SharePoint Designer 2010, titled Creating a Page using SPD that cannot be edited through the browser, we demonstrate yet another benefit of master pages. Pages in team sites can be protected from the risk of future unauthorized modification by building them directly from master pages with SharePoint Designer. In this video, Asif Rehmani, SharePoint MVP and MCT shows us how to use the fundamentals of a master page, v4.master, to produce a secure site page, including a contact list, which cannot be edited by anyone, unless the individual has been granted the privileges to work with SharePoint Designer, 2010.

Team site pages intended to expose data specific to Line of Business (LoB) organizations in SharePoint Online, Office 365, 2013 should be built in the same way. Only a select group of users should have the right to modify any of these pages. By building these pages in SharePoint Designer 2013, designers, administrators, and developers successfully control the potential risk represented by future, unauthorized, modification of these pages. Only users granted the permission to use SharePoint Designer 2013 will be able to modify these pages.

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