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Branding SharePoint Sites Is a High Value Method of Encouraging End User Adoption of the Platform

Branding SharePoint sites to meet the unique custom requirement of a specific organization, is, arguably, the most accessible method of driving end user adoption for SharePoint stakeholders. With SharePoint 2013, its development model, and the new Office Cloud App model, the most important methods of branding sites — HTML and JavaScript — are even more useful than was the case for SharePoint Server 2010, or 2007. These two scripting languages can now be used to create a rich set of processes, as well.

We provide a set of video tutorials on branding SharePoint 2013 sites. The series is authored by Yaroslav Pentsarskyy, a widely acknowledged subject matter expert on the topic, and a published author. The tutorial set is titled SP13-301 SharePoint 2013: Branding Video Training Package.

As our author presents in this series, the latest versions of popular web browsers, including Internet Explorer 11 and Firefox 25.0.1, and Chrome version 31.0.xxx, all include free of charge developer tools, like Firebug. These developer tools can be used, quite effectively, to hasten the process of transforming otherwise unattractive, out of the box, SharePoint sites, by a quick change of the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) “skin” of the site. CSS code can be copied and pasted into SharePoint 2013 by working with the Design Manager and Master Page features at the Site Collection level.

For stakeholders in need of a method to drive end users to quickly adopt SharePoint 2013 computing as a preferred method of processing daily computing tasks, there are few features capable of making a stronger, positive, impression on end users than to present them with a new team web site with all of the targeted graphical features they have come to take for granted.

Our tutorial set is available for either individual viewing, or for enterprise viewing by an unlimited number of users. With our VisualSP Help System for SharePoint, the training content included in this set can be exposed to targeted users within an organization from the SharePoint 2013 ribbon. Please contact us for more information.

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