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Using SharePoint Designer 2010 to Work with Site Columns and Content Types in SharePoint 2010

On the topic of site columns and content types for SharePoint 2010, Asif Rehmani, SharePoint MVP and MCT notes “both are extremely, extremely powerful functionality” in a video tutorial titled Creating and using Site Columns and Content Types.

To understand Asif’s point business users should take a look at an article on the Microsoft Office website, Introduction to content types and content type publishing. This article explains “[c]ontent types enable you to organize, manage, and handle content in a consistent way across your sites. By defining content types for specific kinds of documents or information products, you can ensure that each group of content is managed in a consistent way.” So, once different types of content can be arranged into uniform sets of information, a set of workflow actions can be developed which will successfully run across a specific content type (or a set of content types) across an organization. From this angle Asif’s estimate of the power of content types makes sense.

The same efficiency can be achieved by implementing site columns. Business users should also take a look at Create a site column, which is published on the Microsoft Office website. A site column is defined as ” . . . a reusable column definition, or template, that you can assign to multiple lists across multiple SharePoint sites.” (quoted from this Microsoft Office article). So the same efficiencies can be achieved by implementing site columns to achieve a “write once” “use many” component whenever information can be organized into site columns.

Our video demonstrates how to create both types of “high value” components with SharePoint Designer 2010. As noted in our tutorial, it is simply much faster to build these components with SharePoint Designer 2010, then to attempt the same with only the web browser.

If your organization would like to derive more benefit from SharePoint 2010 as a powerful method of organizing information, please let us know. Our subject mater experts may be able to substantially reduce the amount of time and effort required for your organization to reach its goals.

Ira Michael Blonder

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