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SharePoint Communities Benefit Most When Provided With Access to Authoritative Training Content

Training SharePoint users in the technical procedures they must master to successfully complete daily computing tasks can be an especially value packed endeavor. But if the techniques communicated are either not considered industry best practices, or the method of instruction somehow fails to deliver the right procedures to users, then the effort can, unfortunately, prove unsuccessful.

The old adage “doing the right things vs. doing things right” is no less applicable to training communities of SharePoint users than it is for any other type of training. But how does an organization select the kind of authoritative training content required to meet this challenge successfully? The best method we know of is to look to acknowledged subject matter experts for precisely the techniques required for SharePoint users, at all levels (from end users to administrators, developers, architects and even stakeholder), to successfully complete computing tasks.

So SharePoint-Videos has addressed this challenge by assembling a team of SharePoint instructors from widely published, and publicly acknowledged industry experts. Anyone interested in this topic can review short biographies of our course instructors on our Our People | SharePoint-Videos web page.

Just how important is this point? Plenty important. As Microsoft can attest, the majority of support calls for SharePoint server issues can be attributed to custom trusted solutions. This is not to say building custom solutions should be avoided by SharePoint communities. We think SharePoint works best when configured for the specific needs of a unique group of users. But implementing custom development, for SharePoint 2013 on premises or even SharePoint Online via Office 365, in conformance with the Office 2013 App Development Model, or, better yet, with no-code workflows, is a better approach.

Custom development is simply one of a very big set of technical themes specific to SharePoint. If your community is grappling with how best to address specific requirements via SharePoint, and you would like to discuss your objectives, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Ira Michael Blonder

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