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A sensible approach to rolling out enterprise-wide SharePoint solutions, on premises, includes a training component

Sharepoint Server 2010 or 2013, Enterprise Edition, can be used as the computing platform for custom solutions. The core, out-of-the-box, features of SharePoint Server, when combined with the comparatively less expensive development cost of customization make this type of implementation attractive for stakeholders. Including a training component for personnel distributed across the organization is a good way to add to the odds of success in the overall effort.

We offer a lot of specialized training content on the flavors of popular functionality often talked about in the SharePoint user community. The complete list of what we offer can be found on SharePoint Corporate Video Packages, which is a recently re-designed page on our popular SharePoint-Videos site.

We offer a number of sets of training content on the SharePoint 2013 app model; branding SharePoint sites in SharePoint Server 2010 or 2013; Business Connectivity Services (BCS) and External Data; and no code solutions built with workflow with SharePoint Designer, Visio, and even browser controls. A good way to determine whether or not our training sets will provide the kind of technical content conforming to a specific implementation plan is to schedule a tour of the package before purchasing it. Spending sometime reviewing our training content before reaching a purchase decision makes a lot of sense. Please contact us to schedule a pre-sales tour.

The content included with any of these sets can be added into our VisualSP help system. Once the content has been stored locally, and added into VisualSP, then any personnel involved with a planned implementation of a custom solution can access the content with no constraint on the frequency of use of the content. Further, the content is entirely made up of video tutorials, which have been demonstrated to be one of the most useful types of training content, especially given the ease with which users can repeat courses by simply replaying a set of videos.

Any customer of ours with an interest in purchasing one of these sets may be eligible for a special pricing offer reserved for bonafide, long-standing enterprise products customers of ours. Please contact us via the link we provided, above, if you would like to learn more.

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