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Using the Script Editor Web Part to Brand Team Sites in SharePoint Server 2013

Much has been written about the expanded range of page design options for publishing sites in SharePoint Server 2013. But the design options for team sites have changed as well. Yaroslav Pentsarskyy, a subject matter expert, and published author on branding SharePoint sites, has produced a video tutorial, Page level branding customizations for a team site.

SharePoint Server 2013 (and SharePoint Online, Office 365) includes a new tool designers can use to brand team sites — the Script Editor web part. This web part is the preferred method of adding scripts to change the look and feel of a team site page. The Script Editor web part is part of the “Media and Content” category. We could not find an equivalent SharePoint 2013 App with the same capability.

As long as security policies for a SharePoint 2013 farm permit, one clicks the “edit snippet” button in the Script Editor web part to enter JavaScript, which will be used for the team site page. We use this method in the video to demonstrate how anyone can add a simple “hello” greeting, with JavaScript to a team site page.

Yaroslav Pentsarskyy demonstrates how the Script Editor web part can be used, in the same way, to add a jQuery UI script to a team site page. This script is added to display an “accordion” graphic feature, which provides a nested method of presenting information to a page visitor, much like a set of horizontally arranged tabs, which a page visitor can click to get to information.

The Script Editor is not used to add normal mark up code (HTML) to a team site page. HTML is entered by clicking on the “Edit Page” button on the upper right of the page (you’ll recognize the button by the pencil graphic accompanying it), and then clicking on the “Edit Source” button exposed on the following screen.

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