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Using SharePoint 2013 for Project Management

SharePoint Server 2013, out of the box, includes many features designed to deliver opportunities for groups of users to collaborate. These same features can be used to support an implementation of the platform to manage projects. When these features are combined with other enterprise features of SharePoint Server 2013 — principally Business Connectivity Services (BCS) — organizations can build save on the expense of some of the licenses otherwise required to use Microsoft Project to perform the same function.

In a set of videos titled SP13-302 SharePoint 2013: Project Management Course, Dux Raymond Sy, SharePoint MVP, published author, and well respected SharePoint spokesperson, demonstrates how to use SharePoint Server 2013 to manage projects.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • Most Used Project Management Tool
  • Why Use SharePoint?
  • Fast Track Project Management Success
  • Streamline Drag and Drop
  • Store, Sync and Share SkyDrive and Site Mailbox
  • Utilize Familiar Tools
  • Maximize Project 2013
  • Enterprise Social Capabilities
  • Mobile Project Management
  • Effectively Manage Project Tasks and Schedules
  • Discover Relevant Information – Search, Reports and Filters
  • Utilize Project Server 2013
  • Site Content Issue Tracking
  • SharePoint Communities
  • Change Management and Automate Process
  • Advanced Process Automation

This series was created from an online live class on the topic, held in June 2013. In addition to the topics just mentioned, the video tutorial set includes Q & A and Discussion sessions.

Organizations committed to achieving high levels of user adoption for the SharePoint 2013 computing platform will certainly want to consider using SharePoint as a project management tool, especially where an ongoing IT portfolio management is in place. Project management teams can be built as a natural extension of collaboration efforts between Line of Business (LoB) units. So using SharePoint Server 2013 for a project management purpose looks to be a promising method of demonstrating return on investment in SharePoint 2013.

Our online course on this topic was very well attended. We hope this course will deliver the essential points covered in the online class to individuals and even organizations who were unable to attend the online course.

Ira Michael Blonder

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