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Use the Site Mailbox Feature of SharePoint Server 2013 to Keep Project Teams Up To Date

SharePoint 2013 sites can be outfitted with a “Site Mailbox”. This feature is available, out of the box, but must be enabled by an administrator before it can be used. A great way to use it, as Dux Raymond Sy, PMP, SharePoint MVP, and author of SharePoint 2010: Project Management, explains in a video tutorial available to any subscriber to SharePoint-Videos.com, titled Store, Sync and Share Skydrive and Site Mailbox, is in a project management context. The “Site Mailbox” feature of a project site can be used to keep all of the project team members up to date as a project evolves.

Dux simply explains the Site Mailbox feature as “an email address for the site”. Any member of a site will have access to this mailbox. If all of project correspondence, by default, is published to the Site Mailbox, then every member of the site will be notified about new information as it is published. If a SharePoint 2013 site is a project management site, and the site members are each members of the project management team, then they will all be kept up to date if a procedure is implemented to simply send any information to any recipient through an email message addressed to the Site Mailbox.

Individual site members do not receive copies of emails sent to a SharePoint 2013 Site Mailbox. However, any site member using Outlook 2013 on the desktop, or Outlook Online via Exchange Server 2013, will be outfitted, by default, with a folder for the Site Mailbox. Certainly, when each site member has been outfitted with a view of the Site Mailbox, it’s easy to ensure no one is left out as new information is published about the site.

The Site Mailbox can also be used to expose a Document Library to all members of a site through the same method described above.

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