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The SharePoint 2013 Cloud App Model is Designed to Accelerate Custom Development for the Platform

SharePoint-Videos.com offers a number of different sets of video tutorials on SharePoint 2013 Development. A complete list of all the development courses for SharePoint 2013 can be found on SharePoint-Videos.com.

What we have not included in any of our tutorials is a presentation of why the SharePoint 2013 Cloud App model makes sense from the standpoint of an organization looking to add some custom processes to SharePoint 2013, but not at the expense of the overall performance of the platform.

Microsoft fills this gap for us with a video presentation titled 0 to 60: Developing Apps for Microsoft SharePoint 2013. This presentation, just under 1 hour in length, features Mr. Keenan Newton, a senior product manager at Microsoft, and Ms. Sony Koptyev. We think SharePoint 2013 stakeholders should take a look at this presentation. The points made by Mr. Newton and Ms. Koptyev help explain the rationale behind the SharePoint 2013 App Model (including the Cloud App Model) in a manner likely to encourage SharePoint stakeholders to recommend development teams come up to speed on the new methods for building custom apps for this computing platform.

Any/all custom applications for earlier versions of SharePoint server needed to comply with the restrictions on development imposed by the “Full Trust Solutions” model. To understand the impact of the kind of restrictions resulting from development compliance with this model, simply consider the process of installing one of these custom applications. As Mr. Newton notes with reference to SharePoint Deployments, and anyone with experience performing one of them (typically at 3 am on any given day), “I’m sure [you] can attest a full trust upgrade to a solution is not a lot of fun, but that’s what we need to do, because we need to shut down the farm for a second, and then restart with the new full trust code running within it, because it’s running within that app domain”. It’s also worth noting Mr. Newton also explains why using .NET code written in VisualStudio to produce HTML was deemed to be “overkill”.

We think it’s important for SharePoint 2013 stakeholders to support any effort to modernize development methods. The SharePoint 2013 App Model, and the Cloud App Model, in particular, are clear examples of modernization efforts and, therefore, worth a study by stakeholders from LoBs as well as a central IT organization.

Ira Michael Blonder

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