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Specialized Sets of Training Content for SharePoint 2013 Can Reduce Process Development Costs

Rehmani Consulting, Inc. has just published two of what will be several specialized training sets for SharePoint 2013 — SP13-301 SharePoint 2013: Branding Video Training Package and SP13-302 SharePoint 2013: Project Management.

Organizations with a serious commitment to SharePoint should carefully consider the potential value of acquiring video training content on higher level SharePoint features (meaning features used by SharePoint administrators, developers and architects). In fact, this type of content can be used to reduce the cost of application development for the platform. Specialized training content sets are often used by internal personnel. These staff members are already in place, so, in contrast with a development method built on the use of outside resources, there is no additional cost associated with using the services of these personnel to produce the systems required. Secondly, personnel invited to train on new procedures usually can be retained longer; therefore, offering specialized training sets accomplishes a staff retention objective, but at a substantially less expensive cost than would be the case if in-person training courses were required. Finally, if methods presented in video tutorials are used to produce systems, then debugging systems and even rebuilding them should be an easier task as long as the video tutorials are still available for review.

The two processes presented by our first two sets, one on branding sites, and the other on managing projects with SharePoint Server 2013, are very popular. Implementing either of them, or both, will provide end users with more rationale for adopting the SharePoint 2013 computing platform. This adoption, in turn, will contribute substantially to the value of SharePoint within the organization.

If your organization is considering a migration to SharePoint Server 2013, or even a first implementation of the SharePoint computing platform, please contact us. We are very interested in marketplace objectives for SharePoint, and would welcome an opportunity to learn more about your organization’s needs. We will also be happy to provide more detail as to why specialized training sets may be of substantial value to your plans.

Ira Michael Blonder

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