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SkyDrive Pro is a Portable Document Library for SharePoint Server 2013

This is another post on a video tutorial training set recently published by Rehmani Consulting, Inc: SP13-302 SharePoint 2013: Project Management Course. The class on this topic was led by Dux Raymond Sy, PMP, SharePoint MVP and author of “SharePoint 2010: Project Management”.

The fifth video tutorial in this set, titled “Store, Sync and Share SkyDrive and Site Mailbox” is very much a presentation of the new SkyDrive Pro feature of SharePoint 2013. We use this feature with our Office 365 SharePoint Online subscription.

Although SkyDrive Pro does show up on our local Windows 7 Desktop, clicking on it actually open the feature in SharePoint Online, specifically, in the My Site feature. Once opened in SharePoint Online, SkyDrive Pro can be worked with like any other document library in SharePoint. You can create content types, columns and even workflows to structure and process assets stored in this repository. So, when Dux refers to the “Windows environment” in this video tutorial, he’s actually referring to the placeholder for SkyDrive Pro added to the computer view in Windows Explorer, but any of the operations on this folder/shared document library must be processed through SharePoint Online or on premises SharePoint 2013.

Dux’s presentation of the synchronization features of SkyDrive Pro (“Sync”) refer to features of the legacy SharePoint Workspace product. The same check in/check out capabilities are incorporated to provide you with comprehensive control over document versions. As well, “sync” provides you with an opportunity to work locally with assets stored in the SkyDrive Pro library, but outside of SharePoint.

Dux also demonstrates how to set sharing preferences for specific assets stored in SkyDrive Pro. We accessed the sharing menu by clicking on the ellipses symbol following the asset name in the document list. From this menu it is also possible to preview the asset without the support of a local application for the file type. So the pace of identifying assets, checking them out and then establishing sharing rights is accelerated with the SkyDrive Pro feature of SharePoint Online, or on premises SharePoint 2013.

Ira Michael Blonder

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