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Project Management Applications are a Natural for SharePoint 2013

Out of the box SharePoint has, traditionally, included a lot of feature configurable to support a project management implementation on the platform. The most of these is the Task List. Rehmani Consulting, Inc. offered a set of video tutorials on the topic of how to use SharePoint Server 2010, Enterprise Edition, to manage projects in 2012.

We have just now released a comprehensive set of video tutorials on the same topic, but this time for SharePoint Server, 2013, Enterprise Edition: SharePoint 2013: Project Management. This set is authored by Dux Raymond Sy, a renowned speaker on SharePoint topics, SharePoint MVP, and published author.

Coincidentally, project management requirements present a good basis for IT organizations to encourage end users to adopt a method of successfully completing day to day computing tasks over a SharePoint Server 2013 platform. Alternative solutions are available, but their ability to deliver consistent benefits from one organization to another is questionable. In 2013, many of these solutions (for example, Microsoft Project Server, itself) are built on SharePoint, anyways. Therefore, configuring SharePoint, out of the box, to support an enterprises needs for project management, promises considerable cost savings. The number of licenses required for additional project management tools will certainly be diminished. In some cases it may make sense to dispense with any/all other project management solutions except for SharePoint Server 2013.

Dux Raymond Sy’s video tutorial set comprises 19 topics, for a total of 3.5 hrs of tutorial time. These topics include:

  • Why Use SharePoint? (for Project Management)
  • Maximize Project (on getting the most from Microsoft Project Server licenses and offloading some of the requirements to SharePoint Server 2013)
  • Mobile Project Management
  • and SharePoint Communities

A considerable expense can be saved by any organization opting to build its project management platform on SharePoint Server 2013. The cost of acquiring this set of video training content on the topic is comparatively a lot less than the cost of either implementing a proprietary program to deliver the same objectives, which will likely require the use of specialized technical talent.

We will comment on some of the videos in this series over the next couple of posts to this blog.

Ira Michael Blonder

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