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Mobile Device Support in SharePoint 2013

SharePoint Server 2013 has been designed to better support mobile users. One of the new features added to the platform to deliver an improved computing experience for mobile users is the “Site Notebook”. The “Site Notebook” is built on Microsoft’s OneNote desktop application. As long as this feature has been enabled for team sites, then users can entirely interact with it via the browser, regardless of whether they connect from desktop computers, smartphones or tablets. For users connecting from PCs with Microsoft Office, they have the additional option of opening the Site Notebook with the OneNone component of this application suite.

The Site Notebook is particularly useful, as Dux Raymond Sy, PMP, SharePoint MVP and published author demonstrates in a video tutorial titled Mobile Project Management. Once a screen shot is added to the Site Notebook of a list or library included in a project, then any computer with OneNote syncing to the Site Notebook will automatically add updates as they are published to SharePoint.

It is important to note one of Dux’s remarks about this feature and the process we just described. They aren’t new to SharePoint 2013. The same procedures can be implemented by project teams working with SharePoint Server 2010. But the need for features like this one is, perhaps, substantially more urgent than was the case for SharePoint Server 2010.

But browsers are a much more useful method of working with SharePoint 2013 than was the case with earlier editions of the platform. Of course, this is entirely new for SharePoint 2013. We used our Samsung Galaxy Note 2.1 with the Google Chrome browser to access our SharePoint Online platform and were pleasantly surprised to see the expanded range of capabilities available to us merely with the browser. We think, over time, Microsoft will undoubtedly renovate more SharePoint processes to better support mere browser access by users in a heterogeneous computing environment.

Ira Michael Blonder

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