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Microsoft Turns Up the Volume on Why Developers Should Embrace The Office and SharePoint 2013 App Model

Microsoft has started a concerted effort to persuade Office Developers and SharePoint 2013 Developers to embrace the new App model. This effort includes the launch of a Reimagine SharePoint development site, a set of videos with the same title on MSDN Channel 9, and even dedicating an Office 365 technical webcast to the topic. This webcast took place on June 5, 2014. This technical webcast was led by Vesa ”Vesku” Juvonen, who is a Principal Consultant at Microsoft.

Why is Microsoft accelerating its efforts now? Perhaps all of this new activity reflects a greater sense of urgency. After all, the strategic vision for the future for Microsoft has been clearly stated as “mobile first, cloud first”, and Office 365, as Microsoft’s best selling new product, ever, is the car at the head of the parade. At the same time, enterprise businesses continue along a path towards cloud, SaaS offers like Office 365 and SharePoint Online at a slow pace. There are a long list of reasons for this hesitancy, but it should suffice to note none of them constitute the type of “deal breaker” Microsoft would need to encounter to change its vision of the future and its plan to realize it.

As always, developers are uniquely positioned as the kind of factor capable of influencing enterprise business to move in the cloud, SaaS direction. With every decision to build a mission-critical application for SharePoint 2013 as an App, enterprise business has moved a step further along the right path.

Perhaps SharePoint-Videos saw all of this coming last year. We hosted 3 online courses on the SharePoint App model, and have created three content DVDs on the topics:

A paramount reason why we like the new App model is an opportunity to build custom processes for SharePoint server 2013, or SharePoint Online, but with better security for the server than would be the case with a trusted solution. I wrote about this topic several months ago in a post to this blog titled Understanding the Implications of Implementing Full Trust Solutions for SharePoint. If you would like to learn more about why we think the App model does a better job securing SharePoint server, please let us know, we will be happy to elaborate.

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