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SharePoint 2010 Site Owners are Best Supported with Short Video Training Classes that Present Required Procedures without Abstraction

Rehmani Consulting, Inc. sells a set of 105 short video training courses on SharePoint 2010. Our SharePoint 2010 End User Training Course is the ideal set of training content on industry best practices for SharePoint 2010, and, as such, ought to be provisioned to site owners in order to support successful performance of required procedures.

SharePoint site owners are required to successfully perform a range of computing procedures within a SharePoint 2010 work space. This set of procedures should be designed to support successful attainment of objectives included and detailed in a governance plan for SharePoint for a specific organization. The unique character of site owners — that they have little meaningful commitment to SharePoint, but substantial responsibility for performing procedures, as directed, within the SharePoint workspace — leads us to recommend on site training courses, which ought to be lead by individuals well known within an organization, who, therefore, have the specific familiarity with individuals that needs to be in place to ensure a high level of average retention of training content on the part of users. Our consulting services, which are available on an hourly rate basis, provide an optimum method of coaching staff members designated to lead training to successfully meet their responsibilities.

With regard to optimum training content for these site owners, we are completely confident that a combination of specific training content designed to uniquely support a governance plan for SharePoint for a specific organization, together with a set of industry best practices in video training course format, constitutes a rich set of content for these users. Where possible, it makes sense to present these users with the type of training content that can be quickly assimilated. Generally speaking, meeting this requirement amounts to providing them with short video courses (ours range from as short as 30secs and as long as 2 minutes in length). We think it makes sense for custom training content — whether in video format, document format, slides, or images — to be crafted in a manner that quickly delivers required steps to these users. In our experience, users will make use of these training resources on the job, directly within the SharePoint 2010 work space, and, specifically, as needed.

The ideal method of delivering this content to these site owners is directly in-context and in a manner that limits content choices to only those training reference materials that are specific to tasks. Our VisualSP help system is the best method available today to deliver content to these users in a manner that promises high levels of user retention of training materials.

We welcome inquiries about our training content, help system and consulting offers. You can either telephone us at +1 630-786-7026 or contact us via email, we will be happy to speak with you about the specifics for your organization.

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