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SharePoint 2010 Planning, Implementation and Administration for an Optimum End User Experience is a Preferred Approach

Rehmani Consulting, Inc offers several products specifically designed to provide end users with the information they require to successfully perform daily office automation tasks within a computing environment that includes SharePoint. These products are listed on our SharePoint Users Training page of our SharePoint-Videos dot com website. In addition, we have recently debuted a new product, VisualSP. This product is a native SharePoint 2010 application that modifies the user interface for SharePoint to provide end users with direct, context specific access to video training content within SharePoint 2010. We think VisualSP is an important step forward, one that brings help that much closer to end users where they truly need it, meaning specifically within their daily office automation environment.

Our attention to end user needs for technical training for SharePoint appears should make sense to any group of decision makers grappling with how best to plan, implement and then administer SharePoint 2010 for groups of users. As recently as late August, 2012, we were pleased to read a blog post authored by Rich Blank of NewsGator on the CMSWire Blog Site, Got SharePoint? Start with the End User in Mind. This article, with its point that “the challenge is getting more out of the investment made in SharePoint and focusing on what your users need to get their jobs done. That means translating all those feature-rich capabilities of a platform like SharePoint into something of value an end user or executive can understand.” (quoted from the CMSWire article for which a link has been provided in this post) is entirely consistent with our focus on creating video training content for end users.

In fact, we don’t think that IT organizations can spend too much time planning for a likely end user experience with SharePoint 2010 if they are to ensure a successful implementation of this software. Simply “putting up” SharePoint no longer makes sense. Further, adopting this type of informal and open ended plan is a sure prescription for problems that will likely arise soon after end users are informed of the availability of SharePoint. Without a governance plan, this type of open ended introduction of SharePoint is, at best, a very poor candidate to make any sort of meaningful contribution to value for an organization and, at worst, a prescription for problems.

If you cannot afford a problematic implementation for SharePoint 2010, or need to remedy an existing implementation that is beset with problems and low levels of end user satisfaction, repairing these problems ought to be a top priority.. You can look to Rehmani Consulting, Inc. for services that can benefit your efforts. We offer the training content you require, on SharePoint-Videos dot com, and through our dedicated products, to ensure that your plans are successfully executed. Please contact us. Either telephone us at +1 630-786-7026 or contact us via email with any questions you may have about our services. We will be happy to discuss your needs and welcome an opportunity to do so.

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