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Understanding Search Architecture for SharePoint Server 2010

Search is a very popular user feature of any SharePoint computing platform. SharePoint Server 2010 is no exception. SharePoint administrators need to understand the unique architecture for SharePoint search to properly scale infrastructure to support it.

In a video tutorial titled SharePoint search architecture and scaling, Robert Piddocke, an acknowledged subject matter expert and published author on search topics, provides the answers administrators require to gain the understanding they need to gain on the topic.

This video tutorial is merely one in a set of 21 presentations, 4 hours in total length, on the topic of SharePoint Server 2010 search. This set is available for purchase for either individual or enterprise viewing (meaning unlimited viewing by a group of users). We title these sets “DVD” content, but, please note: we no longer ship DVDs. All content is delivered via download.

The content in this specific video, as Robert Piddocke, is devoted to a presentation of the scaling concept for SharePoint Server 2010 Search architecture. Some of the points covered include an explanation of the server “role” concept. In this implementation there are query servers, web front end servers, crawl servers, and database servers. There is no requirement to have each of these servers running on separate hardware. But it is mandatory to have infrastructure resources dedicated to perform each of the roles.

Roles are complex. For example, there are three roles for SQL databases in SharePoint Search. There is also a requirement for Index Partitions for flat file, proprietary databases for terms. These Index Partitions sit on the query server.

This tutorial is all of 9.5 mins in length. As a video tutorial, it can be repeated as frequently as required to master the procedures covered. If you would like further information on this set of video tutorial content please contact us. You can send us a message via our online message form.

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