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Data View Web Parts are a Rapid Method of Exposing External Content Within SharePoint Server 2010

Once external content types have been successfully added to SharePoint Server 2010, a rapid method of exposing related external content to SharePoint users is to implement an appropriate Data View Web Part. In a video tutorial titled Business Data Web Parts, Raymond Mitchell, subject matter expert, presents, in 09:44 how to add a Data View Web part in a SharePoint Server 2010 computing environment to expose external content to SharePoint users.

Adding this capability to SharePoint Server 2010 is not particularly unique, but certainly the right kind of feature to attract users to adopt the SharePoint computing platform. Adoption is all about dropping one way of doing something for another. When external information can be accessed directly within SharePoint, users have an option they can choose to adopt. Therefore, we think it makes sense to add this type of feature to an implementation of SharePoint Server 2010.

Organizations with Line of Business (LoB) units may encounter some resistance from users when opting to add this feature to a SharePoint computing environment. Some LoBs will not want their business information exposed across the enterprise with this method. Management will have to decide whether it makes more sense to respect the demarcations between these business silos, or to use the objections as an opportunity to try to break down the silos. We recommend a “respect the demarcations” approach. Attempts to hasten SharePoint adoption in these settings can border on a Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR) effort, which we recommend avoiding.

Organizations committed to encouraging collaboration between LoBs, in contrast, will likely find the information access provided by these Business Data Web Parts to be very useful. So it may make sense, for these implementations, to produce a number of sites with these web parts.

The instructions presented in this video are straightforward and suitable for SharePoint administrators and designers. The video is available for viewing by anyone with a valid subscription to our site. The video is also available for purchase within our set on Business Connectivity Services (BCS).

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