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Creating Custom List Templates for SharePoint Server 2010

It makes sense for SharePoint Site Owners, Team members, and Site Collection administrators to gain familiarity with building custom list templates. List building is a regular daily activity in most organizations. Providing one’s team with custom templates for popular lists can help them successfully accomplish work in less time. When information is structured in a preferred way, trends, signals, and other indicators may be more apparent to decision-makers earlier in processes when corrective action can be taken.

In a video tutorial titled Creating Custom List Templates, Asif Rehmani, SharePoint MVP and MCT presents the steps required for SharePoint 2010 users with appropriate privileges to build custom list templates. The intended audience for this video tutorial are SharePoint Designers and Administrators at a top level site, Design privileges are required to build custom list templates.

As Asif notes, ” . . . lists are created using list templates”. When a list is saved, he goes onto explain, ” . . . [SharePoint Server 2010] saves the list schema, all the different metadata, basically . . . ” Therefore, it is not an overstatement to note the importance and value of learning how to build custom list templates.

To save a custom list template (or a custom list with all of its content), one goes to “List Settings” where the option is exposed to “Save List Template.” Give the list template a file name, template name and description. As we point out in the video, the description form box is human readable. Once the custom template has been saved, users located anywhere across a site collection can make use of it. Having a description box completed with useful information about the list will help other users decide whether or not it makes sense to use the template for needs.

By checking the box on the “Save as Template” form labeled “Include Content”, all of the content in the list will be saved, as well.

Once the selection process has been completed, the new custom list template will reside in the Custom List Gallery, which is accessed through the Site Settings page for the site.

The security level for any other instances where the custom list template is used to produce a new list will be inherited from the top level site where it was originally created and its author.

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