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Changing the Theme of a Team Site in SharePoint 2010

Changing the theme of a team site in SharePoint 2010 is easily accomplished with a few clicks by a SharePoint administrator or site collection administrator. Asif Rehmani points out that out of the box SharePoint 2010 includes 20 themes in a video tutorial titled Changing the Theme of a Site. To change the theme of a site, an administrator need only click on the button labeled “change the theme of the site” to access the complete list of the two themes.

Before changing a theme, or even previewing it, administrators may want to visit the SharePoint 2010 Theme Gallery. The theme gallery, as Asif explains in this video tutorial, is only available from the top level site collection. The theme gallery can also serve as the repository for themes created, or edited in PowerPoint 2010. As we explain in this video, PowerPoint 2010 provides users with an option to save graphic combinations as theme files, which work perfectly in SharePoint 2010 once they are uploaded successfully to the theme gallery.

Administrators working with the 20 themes that ship, out of the box, with SharePoint 2010, need to keep in mind (as we point out in our tutorial) how themes relate to sites. As Asif Rehmani notes, themes are very site-centric and not site collection-centric. Themes applied to top level sites are not inherited by sub sites. The site theme option can be found for every site by clicking on the Site Settings button and then looking for the Look and Feel section. The site theme option is the last Look and Feel option provided for each site.

The page served when the site theme option button is clicked provides administrators with complete control over colors and fonts. Once a desired combination of colors and fonts has been selected, the preview feature should be used prior to changing the live theme to make sure that the appearance of the theme is what was intended.

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