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Search is an Improved Feature in Sharepoint 2013

Any document management system needs an information retrieval system. SharePoint 2013 is no exception. The search feature of SharePoint 2013 includes some improvements over earlier versions:

  • auto completion for queries
  • on page display of identified documents
  • search refiners for precise identification of targeted information

These improvements make search in SharePoint 2013 more attractive for users in 2013. Auto completion for queries accelerates the process of searching for information. On page display of documents eliminates the need to run additional applications to review search results. Sparing these users extra unnecessary clicks also speeds up the search process. Search refiners broaden the range of information that users can retrieve from search.

For best results, users should use desktop computers or laptops for search in SharePoint 2013. On page display of identified documents requires a mouse hover action. Search refiners require a series of mouse clicks. Mobile users will have to find a workaround for these actions. We plan on looking for workarounds. Any methods for mobile users will be promptly published in one of our posts.

For supported file types, like PowerPoint, the search feature serves up a document index. Users can quickly navigate around by clicking on sections. More acceleration can be found by using the “time slider” to quickly modify search parameters.

“Alert Me” is a collaboration feature. Users can build alerts, which will notify them of any new content that meets search criteria. Teams can use alerts to provide either a daily or weekly summary to members of any content changes on keywords and topics.

Search in SharePoint 2013 works for people, as well. Results include any documents, or entries to lists authored by an individual. As well, search results will display any team affiliations and roles.

Libraries within SharePoint 2013 have also been equipped with an improved search feature. The on page preview pane is included. Retrieved documents and list entries are displayed as they would appear in their native applications — including PowerPoint or MS Excel.

A video tutorial on search in SharePoint 2013 has been authored by Asif Rehmani, SharePoint MVP and MCT. This video, SharePoint Search within a Site Collection is available for viewing to all subscribers to SharePoint-Videos.com. Please contact us for further information about our subscription plans.

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