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On the Importance of Taking an Inventory of SharePoint’s Capabilities Prior to Implementation

Having a governance plan, in place, for SharePoint, makes sense prior to embarking on an implementation. A key component of successfully building a governance plan, is gaining a useful overview of what SharePoint can be configured to perform for one’s unique community of users.

One of the clichés often heard about SharePoint is the “Swiss Army Knife” metaphor. When someone refers to SharePoint as a “Swiss Army Knife”, the intention is to portray the very deep set of SharePoint configuration and application options as, effectively, a hidden treasure. But this “treasure” can also amount to a major obstacle to any attempt to successfully capture the benefit from what is often an expensive implementation. Even worse, prematurely finalizing a governance plan from no more than a cursory familiarity with SharePoint’s deployment options can prove to be a costly mistake.

So it make sense, not only for SharePoint experts, and end users, but also for stakeholders to sample as much of the functionality packed into this computing platform, as possible, prior to actually implementing it. SharePoint-Videos offers a complete index, by title, of over 800 video tutorials on SharePoint 2007, 2010, and/or 2013. The topics covered by these tutorials can be curated, nicely, around benefit themes.

If you’re in the banking business, you might want to sample some of our videos, including one on SharePoint 2010 Document Sets. Document Sets are designed with banking in mind, or any other activity where collecting a set of documents into a packet is an important procedure. But if you weren’t aware SharePoint can be configured to store related documents in sets, you couldn’t include a governance system for this procedure in your governance plan.

Needless to say, the cost of an annual multi-user 10 subscription to our website — $1,450.00 — will likely be a bargain when compared to the cost of availing of a 3rd party to let you know just what SharePoint is capable of delivering for your community of users.

We are putting together a benefits key for our content. This key will curate our technical training videos into sets designed with a return on investment in mind. If you would like to receive a copy of this key, then please contact us.

Ira Michael Blonder

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