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Realizing Critically Important Value from SharePoint is Easier for Regulated Global Businesses

Global businesses engaged in heavily regulated industries have an easier time positioning SharePoint as a mission critical application for the enterprise. The reason for this relative ease is that compliance efforts with responsibilities to manage activities like document creation across all business silos are already in place for these global businesses in industry sectors like Health Care, Energy, and Financial Services. In contrast, global businesses in non regulated industries, with lots of business silos, are generally hard pressed when it comes to implementing solutions like SharePoint for an enterprise-wide application like a common document repository.

The key operating factor in either scenario is an assessment of the condition of silos (meaning strength, weakness, or a willingness to collaborate with one another) within the global business. Assessing the actual condition of silos provides a means of estimating the type of effort that will be required to breakdown these business silos in order to reap the benefits that a solution like SharePoint can deliver. After all, if breaking down silos will require re-engineering business processes (BPR) then planning for substantial effort over an extended period of time makes sense and, tellingly, may be an indicator of a lower value for the ultimate solution.

Microsoft Partners like Knowledgelake understand these realities. On June 23, 2011, Microsoft recognized Knowledgelake as its 2011 Content Management Partner of the Year. Knowledgelake offers several solutions, including Enterprise Content Management, Document Management for SharePoint, Scan Searh & View for SharePoint, and MFP (Multifunction Product, Printer, Peripheral) Scanning for SharePoint. A check on their Industry Solutions indicates 5 heavily regulated industries, including Financial Services, Healthcare, Higher Education, Insurance, and Government Agencies. Global businesses and/or organizations in each of these industries must have a centralized compliance group capable of exercising the power to ensure enterprise wide adherence to any new policies and procedures that may be required to implement mission critical ECM with SharePoint at its foundation.

Per the case studies offered on the Knowledgelake web site, the returns on investment for customers have been impressive. One customer, Van Ru Credit Corp quantified the cost savings realized through the implementation of one of Knowledgelake’s ECM solutions for SharePoint in terms of reduced labor costs, to the tune of 60 man hours saved each and every month. It is important to note that the officers at Van Ru Credit Corp include a Manager of Information Security with the authority to breakdown the business silos in order to deliver his/her mandated results of ensuring that the firm complies with any/all regulations and information security guidelines. Nonetheless, the value delivered by Knowledgelake’s solution to this customer are impressive.

SharePoint-Videos.com offers tutorial videos that empower organizations like information security at Van Ru Credit Corp with the tools they need to ensure that corporate compliance requirements are adhered to across a global business. These tools include 19 video tutorials on document management, and tutorials on Taxonomy and Search. If you would like to hear more about how our video training can be applied to a central compliance effort for your business in a regulated industry, then please either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us. We will be happy to elaborate with additional suggested videos and specific tips.

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