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Providing End Users with In-Context Access to Training Content for SharePoint 2010 Contributes to the Success of Adoption Strategies

Rehmani Consulting, Inc. has recently introduced a new product, VisualSP, which is available to organizations committed to delivering high rates of user adoption for SharePoint 2010. In fact, VisualSP provides a method for users to access technical training video classes on SharePoint procedures directly in-context, meaning from the SharePoint 2010 ribbon, itself, without recourse to any other external training content resources.

Any campaign designed to hasten end user adoption of SharePoint 2010 has to address the need to keep users processing daily computing needs within the SharePoint 2010 work space. In fact, users cannot adopt a process that they rarely, if ever, use. Therefore, developing methods of driving the use of office automation applications within the SharePoint 2010 work space makes sense. If, for example, email tasks still have end users selecting files from folders and, subsequently, attaching these files to messages, then there is little likelihood that end users will understand the role of SharePoint 2010 document libraries. Similar points can be made with regards to SharePoint 2010 lists, which should be promoted to end users as superior examples of the type of content that would otherwise be stored in spreadsheets or databases. In sum, leaving ground floor, heavily used daily procedures in status quo condition is not promising as a means of driving user interest in SharePoint 2010, let alone adoption.

Therefore, these daily procedures need to be changed to ensure that the superior capabilities of SharePoint 2010 are properly exploited by users. The key, we think, is rendering the SharePoint 2010 work space into the type of “sticky” interface that promises to encourage users to keep their computer processing activities within SharePoint 2010. There is no better way to add to this effort (from the perspective of training users in the procedures that they must use) than to provide users with an access method to training content (including, but not limited to video classes, documents, images and slides) directly within the SharePoint 2010 work space itself. In fact, VisualSP constitutes an access method to technical training content that is entirely built within the SharePoint 2010 work space. The early responses that we have received from users have been very positive and, it should be noted, suggestive of higher rates of user adoption of the SharePoint work space, itself.

If your organization is entirely committed to improving user adoption of computing within a SharePoint 2010 work space, you ought to explore applications like VisualSP that provide users with the information they need directly within the SharePoint 2010 work space. Rehmani Consulting, Inc offers an integrated solution that implements VisualSP in conjunction with consulting and technical training video course modules to deliver a user community capable of successfully performing daily work requirements completely within SharePoint 2010. You can either telephone us at +1 630-786-7026 or contact us via email with any questions you may have about the solution we offer for your need.

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