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Project Management Applications for SharePoint 2013 Drive User Adoption of the Computing Platform

In the first two video segments of our series, SharePoint 2013: Project Management, Dux Raymond Sy, PMP, SharePoint MVP, and author of “SharePoint 2010 Project Management” provides a lot of factual information about popular methods of managing projects in the United States. Two points we found interesting were the following:

  • eMail is the most popular automated tool organizations use to manage projects, per the Project Management Institute
  • Project Management applications represent the most popular reason organizations cite for deciding to implement SharePoint

So, organizations looking to drive user adoption for SharePoint should think about opportunities to use the platform as a standard for project management.

In the first video of the series, Dux depicts a typical project management process. What struck us about the video was the disparate nature of the process. Project Management participants usually come to the task with different levels of project management maturity. A common repository for project information is rarely used. So participants leave important project artifacts attached to email messages. Finally, a range of computing devices is used — smartphones, tablets, PCs, Macs, laptops — so artifacts may be in dissimilar file formats, making it difficult for participants to work together in a coordinated manner.

In the second video of the set, Dux makes the case for SharePoint as the best platform to support project management efforts. Microsoft tools are ubiquitous, and, with SharePoint available either as an on premises solution, or as a cloud computing option, a flexible option is available to collect project artifacts in a central location, including record locking features and other document version controls. With SharePoint 2013, good support for smartphone, tablet, PC and laptop data communications is a reality. So there is a compelling reason for organizations to look to SharePoint to support their project management efforts.

Ira Michael Blonder

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