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Planning for a Useful Search Service for SharePoint 2013

With SharePoint 2013, Microsoft® incorporated Fast Search into the server, out of the box. In order to capitalize on this updated feature, organizations need to evaluate current hardware infrastructure and make changes, as required. In a video tutorial set titled SP13-305 SharePoint 2013: Search Video Training Course, Agnes Molnar provides some specifications useful for the planning process.

Search is a very important feature of SharePoint. Some of the content indexing required to deliver a truly useful search service for users is handled by the feature, out of the box. But organizations will benefit much more where an active effort is undertaken to implement the Managed Metadata Service (MMS), the Term Store, and a custom taxonomic structure for data. The indexing procedure takes on an adequately granular quality, which is usually required to support a search service end users can successfully use to quickly locate the information they require.

Any heavily regulated business will also benefit from a robust search service for SharePoint 2013. Some of our customers in regulated industries like oil and gas exploration, government, and finance have focused on exploiting the capabilities implicit to the content type model to handle the tagging requirement. This type of work is not covered in the Search video training set for SharePoint 2013, but any subscriber to our site can access some potentially helpful training content in our training curriculum on project management for SharePoint 2010. Please contact us if you would like pointers to the specific training videos we think are helpful on this topic.

On the other hand, Agnes Molnar does go to some lengths, in the video training set she authored on Search for SharePoint 2013, to discuss the importance of an effort to successfully exploit MMS to support the search service. Her set is available for viewing by anyone with a subscription to our site. The set can also be purchased for local use. Our VisualSP Help System for SharePoint can also be used to expose this training content to teams of users working on building a robust search service.

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