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PeopleCube has a Driver to Break Down Corporate Real Estate Silos: Priceless Business Intelligence (BI) about Facilities

In a press release published on December 21, 2011, PeopleCube Predict[ed that] Companies Will Strive to Maximize Efficient Utilization of Real Estate and Workspace in 2012. We spoke with Ward Russell, Director of Marketing and got the following insights into what PeopleCube’s solution is about:

Why Sharepoint?
The Press Release mentions “[o]ne technical trend PeopleCube foresees for 2012 is companies’ integrating business applications relating to resource, facilities, and energy management with information technology (IT). Real-estate and facility professionals working together with IT can eliminate redundant information databases, create centralized data repositories for analysis, and reduce the total cost of application ownership by eliminating duplicate data entry. Likely applications in this scenario are computer-aided design (CAD), integrated workplace management systems (IWMS), building management systems (BMS), SharePoint, security badging, internet protocol (IP) addresses, and collaborative tools such as Outlook and Lotus Notes.”

Ward Russell added that the ubiquitous nature of SharePoint across global businesses drove PeopleCube to ensure that its Workplace Business Intelligence (BI) product would be accessible from enterprise SharePoint implementations. We like their understanding of core SharePoint benefits, for example, eliminating duplication of efforts and redundant data repositories to lower costs. We especially like their understanding of the need to break down the Commercial Real Estate silo within global businesses, so that Commercial Real Estate can gain the benefits of IT systems and information.

How does WorkPlace Business Intelligence (BI) communicate with SharePoint?
Ward Russell let us know that PeopleCube provides an API for hard coding communications and accessibility with SharePoint. We asked him as to whether his product is accessible via SQL. When he said “yes” we let him know that BCS can be used for a code less method of pulling WorkPlace Business Intelligence (BI) into SharePoint. Further, the rich visualizations of building specific information like energy usage by room and occupancy by occupant that PeopleCube delivers in its product are also accessible without code from SharePoint via BCS. Check out our SharePoint-Videos.com set of 11 video tutorials on BCS for the training you need to include the benefits of this software for your enterprise SharePoint implementation.

What’s the Value Proposition for this software
From the looks of PeopleCube’s product and the visualizations from Tableau Software, it is safe for us to say that it makes lots of sense for global businesses with any investment in commercial real estate to consider the addition of this software to their enterprise BI foundation. Simply the ability to exercise “hibernation” rights on rooms, and on the fly, as the natural elasticity of the use of space plays out should deliver valuable ROI to businesses that acquire this software. Further, the value of the software should act as a strong driver for Commercial Real Estate to migrate from an isolated silo within the business to an integral piece of the enterprise.

SharePoint-Videos.com offers tutorial videos that empower organizations to maximize the value of software like Workplace Business Intelligence (BI) and Tableau Software within enterprise SharePoint. In addition to BCS, these tools include 2 tutorials on Business Intelligence(BI). If you would like to hear more about how our video training can be applied to incorporate PeopleCube and/or Tableau Software into your SharePoint implementation, then please either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us. We will be happy to elaborate with additional suggested videos and specific tips.

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