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Online SharePoint Training is a Cost Effective Method of Obtaining Important Technical Training for Users at All Levels

Online SharePoint training from Rehmani Consulting Inc, offered on SharePoint-Videos.com makes sense for the entire range of users of Microsoft’s popular software tool. But for “citizen developers”, as defined by Gartner, our online training is particularly useful, especially where SharePoint 2010 has been implemented.

Why cite the full range of SharePoint users as a group that stands to benefit from online SharePoint training? The fact is that we presently offer instructional video tutorials on 9 aspects of SharePoint 2010 technology online. Shortly we will add video tutorials on an additional 3 aspects of SharePoint 2010, including Project Management, Records Management, and Building Taxonomies within SharePoint. The first aspect that we cover is “EU Training”, which comprises the technical procedures most likely to be used by SharePoint users on a daily basis. One hundred and five instructional videos, each of an approximate length of 2 minutes or less, are included in this online video tutorial curriculum for training SharePoint end users, readers and subsite owners.

Of the remaining 9 aspects of SharePoint 2010 technology, our online video tutorials are directed to the aforementioned “citizen developers.” Consistent throughout our presentations is an emphasis on presenting codeless development options, through SharePoint Designer 2010, or InfoPath 2010 for building important and useful applications for global businesses and other large groups using SharePoint.

Making our video tutorials available online streamlines knowledge transfer. Certainly training manuals, or even computer based learning approaches can still play their role in ensuring that a modicum level of technical understanding about SharePoint pervades an organization. However, the “anywhere an Internet connection exists” access to our video tutorial collection that is delivered by our online training repository, SharePoint-Videos.com, provides a repeatable, short, and to the point training component that can be counted on to bear the brunt of the training burden at no more cost than either an annual subscription charge, or a one time purchase of a DVD or two, as required.

We invite you to review our Online SharePoint Training options. We are confident that most users will find our offering to be comprehensive and, in sum, unique.

Please keep in mind that we offer corporate subscriptions for global businesses and other large organizations of literally any size. We welcome opportunities to present fine points of collections; for example, the suite of training that we offer on SharePoint Designer 2010. Therefore, please do contact us to discuss your interests. You may either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us. We will be happy to elaborate.

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