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On the Imperative of a Successful Adoption Campaign for SharePoint 2013

Stakeholders in an implementation of SharePoint Server 2013 should approach the task of persuading end users to adopt the platform as an imperative. If the participants in the adoption campaign lack a sense of urgency, the possibility of a failed effort may substantially increase, which should be an unacceptable outcome.

Why the urgency? Simply put, SharePoint 2013, like any of its competitors in the market for enterprise collaboration, or document management, is not an inexpensive solution. The benefits of the system cannot be realized if end users abandon it for other methods. The danger of abandonment is high. In fact, most end users have lots of other options available to them for day-to-day computer processing. So to capture a meaningful return on investment, widespread end user adoption of SharePoint 2013 computing methods is a mandatory requirement.

Rehmani Consulting, Inc offers a solution designed to provide stakeholders with a powerful tool to hasten SharePoint 2013 adoption — VisualSP. This tool is a true help system for SharePoint and can be used to expose training assets to end users for their use, as required, directly within the SharePoint user interface. Our help system satisfies 3 mandatory requirements of any help system purporting to provide end users with the help they need:

  1. End users must be able to access training information whenever they need it, in other words, “on demand”
  2. Training assets must be accessible within the SharePoint work area, so end users can use them to learn, first hand, the techniques they need to use to successfully complete their work within a SharePoint computing context.
  3. Training assets must be optimized for repeat use. Research has demonstrated the low levels of assimilation, for average end users, on a first pass study of technical training material. Therefore, the training assets should be short, to the point presentations of techniques to deliver the highest likelihood of repeated use by end users.

VisualSPtm meets all of these requirements. Our system includes a “Help” tab, which is propagated across a typical SharePoint 2013 farm. The ribbon controls and tools for site pages, document libraries, task lists and even custom scopes for special tasks will be equipped with our “Help” tab once our system is installed.

The “Help” tab provides the launch pad for a menu of training assets, which are all designed to deliver technical instruction to end users as quickly as possible. At the heart of these assets are video tutorials. Once again, research has shown video tutorials to be a powerful method of providing students with an especially useful type of training. Videos can be repeated as often as required, whenever required; so they meet the sècond and third requirements of our list very well. The first requirement is, of course, met by our “Help” tab, which provides users with direct access to our training materials directly within the SharePoint computing work area.

Please contact us for more information about VisualSPtm for SharePoint Server 2013. We offer an opportunity to test our product within your specific SharePoint computing context. We’ll be happy to provide you with more information upon your request.

Ira Michael Blonder

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