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Include a Management Plan for OneDrive and OneDrive for Business as Two Distinct Cloud Storage Options

OneDrive and OneDrive for Business are two entirely separate cloud storage options. But when SharePoint Online users have access to either destination from the same desktop, the chance of errors occurring is, unfortunately, high. Therefore, organizations must include a management strategy safeguarding confidential corporate information from these mistakes.

It should make sense for these organizations to implement policies requiring SharePoint Online users to periodically move information into SharePoint Online libraries, and/or lists, rather than simply storing items in one of the two OneDrive options available to them.

As is often the case with other SharePoint features, the complexity of OneDrive for Business is growing. But does it make sense for organizations to implement record locking and other versioning controls at the level of OneDrive for Business, or, should these controls be exercised over data once it is correctly stored in SharePoint Online?

In the opinion of this writer, versioning controls should be exercised over documents once they reside in libraries or lists in SharePoint Online. The longer important information is stored in OneDrive for Business, the greater the likelihood of errors occurring. Perhaps a simple control requiring an approval process for any corporate information left in OneDrive for Business folders longer than a minimum, would make sense. Ultimately, organizations, on a case by case basis, will have to make a decision on this question.

As written elsewhere in this blog, it is also critically important (once again, solely in the opinion of this writer) for these organizations to oufit themselves with a user-independent local backup strategy for any/all information stored in either OneDrive, or in OneDrive for Business. There is no out of the box backup method included with either of these cloud storage offers. Manual procedures are prone to user error, and rarely, if ever, suitable for larger organizations where the level of technical understanding about computer policies and procedures can not be presumed to be uniform across users.

So these larger organizations should plan on building transparent procedures, not requiring user intervention, to automatically backup any/all data stored via either of these methods. SharePoint-Videos offers consulting services, which may be useful to organizations sharing the concern of this writer, and in need of outside help to correctly provide a solution for data backup for OneDrive and for OneDrive for Business.

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