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Adding Dashboards to a Dashboard Library in SharePoint Online

Before we get down to the specifics of building a dashboard library inside our SharePoint Online, Enterprise E3 Business Intelligence Center (BIC) site collection, we need to note an important point. PerformancePoint Services Dashboard Designer is NOT available to SharePoint Online users. So plan on building any of the dashboards you require locally, with, for example, Excel 2013.

Once you’ve collected a set of dashboards you’ll want to add them to a library in your BIC site collection. In SharePoint Online, Office 365, 2013, any custom lists or libraries will need to be built as “Apps”. You will add your dashboard library in the BIC site collection by clicking on the “site contents” link at the bottom of the left hand Quick Launch panel. As to the type of library App you will require for your dashboards? The best answer can be found in reference materials provided by Microsoft.

To take a step back, we think businesses should first globally plan content and matching library and list types for SharePoint Online prior to actually migrating users to the platform. Microsoft provides a reference article Plan content on sites. This article is step 3 of a set of articles designed to provide businesses with the planning information required for a smooth migration to the SharePoint Online computing platform. So reading this article first is recommended.

A second article, Introduction to libraries categorizes a dashboards library as one “Contain[ing] Web Part pages, Web Part Pages with Status Lists, and PerformancePoint deployed dashboards”.

We opted to simply add a library app titled “Our Dashboards” to store our locally created dashboards to our BIC site collection and set the default template to “Web Part Page”.

If you plan on exposing dashboards to your business users via SharePoint Online and need assistance planning a successful implementation, please contact us. A subject matter expert from our colleagues may be able to provide you with some useful information, while saving you time and otherwise unnecessary expense.

Ira Michael Blonder

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