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For organizations with many users on OneDrive for Business, drafting a list of policies and approved procedures makes sense

OneDrive for Business has, at its core, the structure of a document library for SharePoint Online. But several unique features have been added to this cloud, SaaS. So organizations with many OneDrive for Business users will benefit from a formal set of policies and procedures.

The most prominent of the additional features of OneDrive for Business is its increased storage capacity. Each OneDrive for Business tenant can store up to 1TB in the system. But this much storage can prove to be a support headache if not managed properly. Since versioning is not turned on, by default, unless users are careful managing documents can become very challenging.

Stakeholders in the success of a decision to implement OneDrive for Business should put together a governance plan as a method of managing how this cloud SaaS is consumed by users. In this writer’s opinion, it makes sense to designate library ownership. At the same time, some type of versioning needs to be exercised to ensure OneDrive for Business doesn’t devolve into a source of confusion, duplication of effort, and content bloat for the entire organization.

The governance plan works at a very high level to ensure a higher likelihood of success for the greater implementation plan. But the real usefulness of this exercise for end users will depend on the ability of stakeholders to translate their governance plan into a set of easy to follow procedures. The style and branding for these guidelines are critically important facets of any effort to control just how the OneDrive for Business online content repository is consumed by users. Style, and branding decisions must be made on a case by case basis, and in a realistic manner for a specific organization.

Regardless of the final decision as how the procedures are to be communicated to users, the best method of exposing them is, as is the case for most other training content in SharePoint, or SharePoint Online, an in-context solution like VisualSP.

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