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Office 365 Includes a Lengthy List of Collaboration Features Organizations May Want to Use Once They are Ready for Them

Many organizations new to Office 365 may not be aware of the depth of collaboration features included in the platform. But Microsoft has certainly equipped this cloud, SaaS platform with capabilities beyond the traditional enterprise document and/or content management capabilities of SharePoint. Jared Spataro, General Manager of Microsoft’s Office Division attempted to set expectations about Office 365 as a strong foundation for collaboration during the Keynote for SharePoint Conference 2014, when he recommended his audience learn to “work like a network”.

On August 7, 2014, CMS Wire published an article by Tom Petrocelli on a related topic. The Barriers to Working like a Network in Office 365 presents a few of the features built into Office 365 to support collaboration efforts within an organization. Petrocelli’s intent, however, is not simply to present these features. Rather, he explains how these features overlap, which poses a challenge to users who may not be very familiar with them, in the first place, but are forced by the sheer number of them, to choose a “best method” of accomplishing specific tasks in the Office 365 computing environment.

If readers are intimidated when asked to choose whether to share a document via the Word web app, or to attach it to a status update via a Yammer newsfeed, they may want to attend an online class SharePoint-Videos will offer on August 21, 2014. SharePoint Social and Yammer – Online Class will provide SharePoint 2010, 2013, and SharePoint Online, Office 365 users with some of the background information they will require to make some of the decisions Petrocelli points out as required for at least the user segment committed to Office 365 (in the opinion of this writer, users of any of the on premises platforms will want to address these decisions as well, although any decision to use Yammer should be accompanied with a decision to subscribe to SharePoint Online, Office 365. After all, Yammer is only available online).

In fact, “SharePoint Social or Yammer, Which One Should I Choose?” is one of the topics on the course syllabus. The course will be led by Naomi Moneypenny, who is the CTO of Synxi, a Microsoft “mission critical” partner with a solution for the enterprise search market.

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