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MSDN Channel 9 Offers an Office 365 Technical Primer in Video Format

Organizations planning to implement Office 365 need to provision resources for crucial components of a successful effort in this direction. In a video tutorial titled Managing Office 365 Identities and Services: (01) Preparing for Office 365, which is authored by Jeff Koch of Microsoft Learning Experiences. The training presentation is led by Anthony Steven, Principal Technologist, Content Master, and Martin Coetzer, Portfolio Architect of Microsoft Learning Experiences. The course was designed and written by Mr. Steven.

This set of video training is offered within the Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) framework. Readers should not be fooled by the complex title of the tutorial set. There is little about Office 365 beyond “Identities and Services”. Therefore, the topics included in this set should be adequate, by anyone’s measure of the scope requiring presentation. The set is available either for online viewing or for download for local use. There is no charge for using this training content. Important note: unlike our SharePoint-Videos video training content, this set is somewhat long on abstraction and includes footage of Mr. Stevens presenting concepts, away from a computer keyboard.

The content in this set is targeted to an audience of IT professionals responsible for implementing Office 365 for an organization. As Mr. Steven notes, these individuals are usually independent consultants. The secondary audience includes stakeholders in an implementation plan for Office 365 as well as administrators. A lot of the courses, as one reviewing the outlines included within the first 6 minutes of the first video tutorial in the set will note, are focused on Exchange, Exchange Online, and Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS).

I should note the “demo hosting environment”, which is presented throughout the video tutorial set is a virtual computing environment built on Windows Azure. For anyone who has been challenged by the task of building virtual machines for SharePoint on Azure (I attest to being a member of this group), this factor should prove to be a strong plus.

The series focuses, as Mr. Steven notes, on the Office 365 Enterprise plan (the E3 Client). So it should be clear the target organization for the set is a small to medium size business (SMB) and higher.

Ira Michael Blonder

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