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Microsoft Offers Developers an Office 365 Development Environment

Microsoft offers developers a development environment. In a Getting Your SharePoint 2013 Development Environment Up and Running, Steve Fox, a Director of Services of Microsoft, demonstrates how to correctly set up this environment.

Developers should also note a 90 day free trial offer, extended by Microsoft, for VisualStudio 2012. Steve promotes the availability of the VisualStudio 2012 free trial in this video, and also provides the links to the webpage where an order can be placed for it. He also provides links to register for an Office 365 development site, and to download and install “Office and SharePoint Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2012”. So viewers can save a lot of time locating these resources by simply watching this video.

A 30 day free trial of the Office 365 development environment is available. Steve Fox demonstrates how to access the free trial offer, complete the registration form, and activate this service.

Steve presents some best practices on how to successfully download the tools for VisualStudio 2012, given the available options.

I’d like to highlight a couple of points. Despite the importance of JavaScript and jQuery to the App development model for SharePoint 2013, from the information provided in this video, any developer familiar with VisualStudo can certainly pursue this type of development. Further the specific tools required for SharePoint Online are offered under the terms of a free trial, so developers can certainly at least develop a familiarity with them over the free trial term should they opt not to purchase them. Finally, the Office 365 development environment, especially with its own 30 day free trial, will likely be a very attractive offer for most developers.

As Steve Fox makes clear in this video, and throughout the remainder of this set of tutorials, cloud app development opportunities and requirements do not look to be going away anytime soon, so developers will do well to master these techniques. Certainly the free offers can’t hurt.

Ira Michael Blonder

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