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Windows Developers can now use Office 365 REST based APIs to build the platform into their solutions

Windows application developers (working with Visual Studio as their IDE) can now build Microsoft Office 365 into their apps, and even solutions via . At TechEd Europe, Microsoft announced the availability of “REST based APIs” for Windows developers interested in building Office 365 into solutions and apps. SDKs for iOS, and a renovated SDK for Android developers were also mentioned in the works.

Readers interested in technical development of SharePoint, SharePoint Online, and Office 365 solutions and apps can learn more about these APIs by watching a set of videos on Microsoft’s Channel 9 on the topic, hosted by Jeremy Thake. The title of the first of these videos is Deep Dive: Integrate Office 365 APIs in Your Web Apps: (01) Deep Dive into Azure AD with the Office 365 APIs.

SharePoint-Videos has published several sets of video training content on the Office 2013 and SharePoint 2013 app model. So we noted this Microsoft announcement with interest. In this writer’s opinion, the availability of these APIs, which can be used to produce solutions conforming to the same app model, but leveraging methods more familiar (and, one can argue, more welcome) to the core of Windows solution developers using Visual Studio 2013, makes a lot of sense. After all, this segment of the developer community produces far more of the custom solutions required by larger organizations (Microsoft’s core market) than is the case for the segment of the developer community building web solutions strictly with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Further, ceding the battle over whether or not a solution gets to Office 365 by hitting the PaaS as its chief target, or, via the APIs, merely plugs it in, makes even more sense. One way or the other, anyone using the custom solutions built by these developers may end up consuming Office 365. So “who cares how they got there” is likely to be a winning strategy.

An article in Visual Studio Magazine titled New APIs, SDK for Office 365 App Development also mentions a new SDK coming for iOS developers and an updated version of the existing Office 365 SDK for Android. But neither of these SDKs is available as of yet.

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