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Adding an Access 2013 App to Office 365 for SharePoint Online

Microsoft® Access 2013 Apps can be published to SharePoint Online, Office 365. Users need to activate the “SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure” feature of SharePoint Online before attempting to create an App in Access.

One activates this feature at the top level of the SharePoint Online farm. We attempted to activate the feature at a site collection level, without success. Once the publishing infrastructure has been activated at the top level of the SharePoint Online farm, all of the site collections below will inherit the activated feature.

We created a “Custom App” in Access 2013 with a couple of mouse clicks. We planned to add this custom app to specific site collection on SharePoint Online. But when we designated the specific Site Collection in Access the application failed to build the App. Once we removed the site collection from the URL, the Access 2013 created the custom app for us fine.

Once our custom app was created, we simply add a table already in use for a local database to the app. Everything published fine to SharePoint Online.

We cover the specific steps included in build an Access 2013 App and publishing it to SharePoint Online in a video titled Creating an Access 2013 Web App. Once the publishing infrastructure feature has been activated correctly the tutorial will provide all the information a user should need to publish an Access 2013 App to SharePoint Online.

The directions included in the video to publish the Access 2013 App to a specific site collection should be followed. We tried to jump through this step and ended up simply publishing our app to the top level of the SharePoint Online Farm, which is not what we wanted. As Asif Rehmani, SharePoint MVP and MCT notes, a reliable method of determining the URL for a specific site collection is to simply bring it up in a browser and copy and paste the address into the Access 2013 App.

Ira Michael Blonder

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