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Microsoft Project Server 2010 facilitates Project Portfolio Management According to Business Objectives

Microsoft Project Server 2010 can be applied to management IT Project Portfolios. This application is of interest to us as it literally represents a method of closely aligning investments in IT and related procedures with business strategy and objectives. In an insightful piece, Microsoft Project Server 2010 A Look at Portfolio Strategy, Tim Runcie, Microsoft Project MVP, Tim Cermak, and Manmeet Chaudhari (then another Microsoft Project MVP) of Advisicon discuss this application of Microsoft Project Server 2010 in some detail. We think that Project Portfolio Management ought to be an ongoing activity for most any IT organization. Accordingly, we recommend that any/all interested parties review Advisicon’s Whitepaper on the topic.

We also need to note that Microsoft Project Server 2010 is very closely aligned with SharePoint Server 2010. In fact, we think that SharePoint Server 2010 can be configured to deliver a substantial amount of the Project Management functionality Microsoft Project Server 2010 at a substantially lower cost. Please note that we aren’t venturing to claim here that SharePoint Server 2010 can be configured specifically to support Project Portfolio Management.

A video tutorial training DVD on the topic of configuring and implementing SharePoint Server 2010 for Project Management, Project Management with SharePoint 2010, is available from SharePoint-Videos. This set of training content is authored by Eric Eaton, SharePoint Architect. We have recently (as of April 11, 2012) added two courses to this curriculum on crafting a centralized project reporting capability from this implementation. These two courses demonstrate how ” . . .to roll up project summary information across multiple lists and sites. These are the pieces that help to draw it all together.” (quoted from our SharePoint-Videos web page description of this course). Of course, collecting metrics in this manner contributes information to an intelligence gathering effort to support some of the Business Intelligence (BI) that is is implicit to Project Portfolio Management. We should note that another 2 courses in this curriculum illustrate how to support Agile Project Management, and specifically sprint teams for SCRUM, with SharePoint Server 2010.

We offer an enterprise license at a cost of $1995.00 for unlimited viewing of this video tutorial curriculum strictly from hard copy DVD media. The cost of this enterprise license is substantially less than 10% of the expense of sending 10 project managers to a 3 day instructor led training class on the topic. Further, provisioning training content in this manner carries with it the traditional benefits of video training content — on demand accessibility within the SharePoint workspace context and limitless repeat-training capability. For teams of citizen developers looking for cost effective approaches to at least some, if not all, of the Project Portfolio Management capabilities promised by SharePoint 2010, itself, our training content DVD represents an excellent solution.

Please either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us to further a discussion about this video training content.

As ever, use this link to place an order for an annual subscription to SharePoint-Videos instructional content

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