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Market Commentators Are Missing the Point on the Office Cloud App Model

Several of the most recent posts to this blog have focused on the SharePoint 2013 Development Model and the Office Cloud App Model. The reasons are simple. We’ve published several sets of video technical tutorials on both of these new development methodologies. Any interested reader can review the complete list of our sets of SharePoint 2013 Training DVDs on the SharePoint-Videos.com website.

So I read an article written by Jonathan Hassell, Why Microsoft SharePoint Faces a Challenging Future with some interest, especially since the summary headline for the article included the following phrase: ” . . . telling SharePoint developers not to work in C# and ASP.NET may make for a rocky relationship as time goes by”.

I’m not clear as to why Mr. Hassell hasn’t picked up on the security issues accompanying Full Trusted Solutions, but I do need to repeat the points I made in a previous post to this blog: the Office Cloud App Model provides enterprises with an opportunity to mitigate the substantial risk of online computing by isolating SharePoint Server 2013 from any custom processing. Any/all custom processing will take place on the client side of the computing model under this method. The Office Cloud App Model and/or the SharePoint 2013 App Model both work very well for either SharePoint 2013 systems on premises, or for SharePoint Online. There is little, if any, inconsistency as to how these methods work in either environment.

If the risks of malicious attack can be substantially diminished, then the usefulness of public, multi-tenant, cloud computing opportunities (specifically Office 365) increases for enterprise customers who would otherwise have to restrict themselves to tightly managed computing systems. Certainly there is a substantial cost benefit to be realized through this approach. It’s not likely SharePoint stakeholders from enterprise business will miss this point. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn how Microsoft® collaborated with prominent CIOs on the development of both of these methods.

Ira Michael Blonder

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