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Look to OpenText Compliance Add-Ons for SharePoint to Unlock Mission Critical Value for Regulated Businesses

If highly regulated businesses are best positioned, presently, to derive the most benefit from SharePoint as a mission critical application, then look to OpenText’s ECM Suite for Microsoft® for a set of targeted applications to break down business silos within heavily regulated businesses. These targeted applications include:

Our review of a customer success story about Central Vermont Public Service (CVPS), the largest electric utility in the State of Vermont, posted to the OpenText website for its OpenText Document Management with OpenText Records Management product for SharePoint, produced the following example of the type of value that is achievable for heavily regulated businesses with SharePoint, but, nonetheless, beyond the reach of most unregulated businesses where business silos are entrenched and hard to breakdown:

“With the OpenText System, CVPS is able to meet compliance regulations and manage their operations in a more transparent and efficient manner by ensuring that all content, whether it’s an email, Articles of Incorporation, Microsoft® Office Excel® spreadsheet, is safe, searchable and readily accessible. Content is managed from the moment of creation to its ultimate disposition. This way, the company knows exactly what happened to the information, whether it is stored, deleted, or destroyed in the normal course of business.”

While this success story does not include financial information about the extent of the cost savings CVPS captured as the result of implementing this solution, from the claim made in the above quote, we can assume that this customer substantially reduced the costs that would otherwise have resulted from an alternative method of accomplishing the oversight delivered by the OpenText solution ontop of SharePoint.

Sharepoint plays a mission critical role in this solution. After all, without SharePoint’s Enterprise Document Repository,Taxonomy, Term Store & Meta Tagging features the enterprise wide control that this success story claims CVPS gained over document creation & publishing would not have been possible. Yet, without OpenText’s specific application, SharePoint itself would not have sufficed for this customer’s needs.

Finally, the fact that CVPS is a highly regulated business speaks to the receptivity of this organization to an enterprise wide solution for compliance management. The same receptive may exist in non regulated businesses, but we posit that much scrutiny of value will have to transpire to motivate users to look for similar solutions.

SharePoint-Videos.com offers tutorial videos that empower organizations to maximize the value of software like the suite of solutions for SharePoint offered by OpenText. The SharePoint skills required to deliver a benefit comparable to that benefit achieved by CVPS include understanding SharePoint as a Document Repository, the concept of Taxonomies in SharePoint, Term Store for enterprise search and business intelligence, and Meta Tagging. If you would like to hear more about how our video training can be applied to incorporate PeopleCube and/or Tableau Software into your SharePoint implementation, then please either call us at (630) 786-7026, or Contact Us. We will be happy to elaborate with additional suggested videos and specific tips.

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