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Kodak’s Capture Technology for SharePoint Manages Transaction Content

There are three broad steps in the process of incorporating print content into any Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system like SharePoint:

  1. First, the print content must be scanned into electronic format
  2. Second, the scanned content must be accurately processed with an Optical Character Reader (OCR) technology
  3. Finally, the resultant ECM content must be outfitted with meta tags to support enterprise wide search and discovery

Kodak Capture Pro Software, Network Edition provides an end to end solution that meets all three of the above requirements. However, a proprietary viewer, Kodak Scan and View software appears to be required to obtain some of the benefits Kodak claims for their solution. The specific benefits claimed for document processing at the level of an individual user amount to a dramatically shorter processing time for locating scanned document images and adding them to the SharePoint document repository–three minutes versus fifteen minutes. We can certainly see how saving 12 minutes on each document of several thousand can amount to a substantial cost savings for a global business or other large organization.

While we could not clearly determine the final condition of scanned print content post processing with Kodak’s capture tools for SharePoint, we did put together a picture of what Kodak claims to be an optimum approach to storing captured print content within SharePoint. Kodak advocates leaving the scanned print content in image format within an enterprise document repository. Specific documents should be processed only as required, for example, to reuse waybills, invoices, etc. This just in time processing does not burden the repository with content that may only be required for specific purposes.

From our vantage point we would rather see all of the content processed through each of the three broad steps we’ve listed above. Once processed, a true picture of all enterprise content will be available. Such a picture, of course, lends itself quite well to managing compliance with regulations across any heavily regulated business, such as oil and gas exploration, finance, healthcare, etc.

In fact, we think that a prerequisite of any mission critical “transaction-centric” (to use the terminology recently promulgated by Forrester Research) document capture application that is touted to benefit SharePoint is that any/all scanned print content is rendered accessible via enterprise search through SharePoint. Further, documents must be accessible through the standard SharePoint browser interface, rather than through a proprietary viewer application.

Nevertheless, the use of a proprietary viewer application to import scanned content into an enterprise SharePoint document repository is understandable. Aligning columns for lists, workflows, etc. is critically important to preserving an enterprise wide, readable document repository; therefore, we are pleased to see that the Kodak tools appear to manage this important step in the content import process.

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