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IT Professionals Looking for Windows App Certification can Find Lots of Video Training On MSDN’s Channel 9

SharePoint-Videos offers three sets of video training on the SharePoint 2013 App Model:

  1. SharePoint 2013 Development
  2. SharePoint 2013: JavaScript and jQuery and
  3. SharePoint 2013: Beginning Development

Any reader looking to achieve certification for “Windows 8 Apps with HTML5” should take a look at the list of video courses offered on MSDN’s Channel 9 on the topic. The first of these, Developing Windows 8 Apps with HTML5 Jump Start is led by Jeremy Foster and Michael Palermo.

It should be noted, as Michael Palermo explains, “all of the code samples are on codeshow.codeplex.com”. Selecting CodePlex as the repository of the code samples may be taken as a welcoming gesture towards the Open Source community of App developers.

The intended audience of this set are Visual Studio developers. As Jeremy Foster notes, the codeshow.codeplex.com project is built on TFS (Team Foundation Server) 2012, “Microsoft’s latest ALM product”. Anyone with a registered project on CodePlex can actually look at the source code, and receive updates as it is periodically updated by Jeremy’s team.

I found it telling how Jeremy segued into the code portion of this short video remarking “we are probably mostly developers in the room right now and our first session is going to be one of design” and went onto appeal to the developers to, effectively, stick with it, while understanding the topic of design isn’t all about graphics, or Photoshop, but the design of Apps, themselves. I couldn’t help thinking Microsoft® has faced some heavy head winds with the core Visual Studio developer community, getting them onboard with the App model given the importance of HTML coding and CSS skills, when I reviewed this portion of the class.

This course is merely one in a likely set of 10 – 20 video tutorials anyone can access on Channel 9. This availability should represent an important opportunity for anyone looking to pass the exams to which the videos are matched. I need to note, however, they are all highly condensed and bundled as “Jump Start” courses. Any reader needing a lot of detail, and, perhaps, a slower pace with more granular treatment of topics and techniques will want to look for other resources.

Ira Michael Blonder

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