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Is Enterprise Business Still Moving Slowly Towards SharePoint Online?

Microsoft’s latest quarterly earnings report included a claim Office 365 sales are increasing at the rate of a business with $2.5 Billion in annual sales. This figure is significantly higher than the $1.5 Billion annual sales rate claimed, in the past, for SharePoint. But what portion of all of these new customers are representative of enterprise business, meaning larger organizations with hundreds and even thousands of users?

Unfortunately the quarterly earnings report does not include any mention of how large a share of the SharePoint Online new customer base stems from larger communities of SharePoint users. A report from Forrester Research, published back in October of 2013, titled “SharePoint: Solid In The Enterprise, But Missing The Mobile Shift” may provide us with a useful measure of the pace of this migration.

In an article titled Enterprises Slow To Move to SharePoint Online, which was published on October 24, 2013, Kurt Mackie wrote in Redmond Magazine: “Office 365 SharePoint Online use was at 15 percent among respondents, according to August 2013 survey results produced by Forrester. That result is up just 3 percentile points from last year’s survey.”

If the pace of enterprise migration to SharePoint Online remains slow, then the question ought to be what are the unwanted negatives about this SaaS cloud offer? Mackie’s article points to two components of the SharePoint Online experience as likely culprits:

  • Limited Customization Capabilities
  • and Data Security and User Privacy Concerns

Any stakeholders in a future SharePoint implementation should carefully consider both of these prior to finalizing a platform choice. If, for example, a strong driver for implementing SharePoint is a need for an internal intranet, or an extranet to bring internal Lines of Business (LoB) together with external channel partners, suppliers, and even customers, then it may make sense to opt for an on premise platform for SharePoint, to safeguard an adequate range of customizations and security options.

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